Kesha K2000: Micro Energy Storage System

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● Install in 5 mins
● 2~8kWh
● 1600W Max Output
● App Control
● IP65 WaterProof
● 15 year warranty

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Micro Energy Storage System1

15 Year Guarantee

K2000 is a balcony energy storage system designed to achieve excellent performance and durability. Our advanced technology and high-quality materials ensure that you can trust KeSha in the coming years. With an additional 15 year warranty and professional customer support, you can rest assured that we are always at your service.

Easy Self Installation

K2000 can be easily self installed with just one plug, making it easy to deploy and move. The balcony power plant with storage function also supports up to 4 battery modules to meet your energy needs. Non professionals can install it, so there is no additional installation cost. All of these features enable fast, simple, and cost-effective installation, which is crucial for residential projects.

IP65 Waterproof Protection

As always, maintain protection. Safety has always been our top priority. The balcony energy storage system K2000 is equipped with a particularly sturdy metal surface and an IP65 waterproof rating, providing comprehensive dust and water protection. It can maintain the ideal living environment inside.

99% Compatibility

The balcony power station energy storage K2000 adopts a universal MC4 tube design, which is compatible with 99% of solar panels and micro inverters, including popular brands such as Hoymiles and DEYE. This seamless integration can save you time and money on circuit modifications, not only smoothly connecting to solar panels in all directions, but also suitable for micro inverters.

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Micro Energy Storage System0

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