Kesha Flexible Solar Panels IP67 Waterproof

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Cell Structure: Monocrystalline
Product Dimension: 108.3×110.4×0.25cm
Net Weight: ≈4.5kg
Rated Power: 210W
Open Circuit Voltage: 25℃/49.2V
Open Circuit Current: 25℃/5.4A
Operating Voltage: 25℃/41.4V
Operating Current: 25℃/5.1A
Temperature Coefficient: TkVoltage – 0.36%/K
Temperature Coefficient: TkCurrent + 0.07%/K
Temperature Coefficient: TkPower – 0.38%/K

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210W Flexible Solarpanel
Cell Structure  Monocrystalline
Product Dimension  108.3x110.4x0.25cm
Net Weight  ≈4.5kg
Rated Power  210W
Open Circuit Voltage  25℃/49.2V
Open Circuit Current  25℃/5.4A
Operating Voltage  25℃/41.4V
Operating Current  25℃/5.1A
Temperature Coefficient  TkVoltage - 0.36%/K
Temperature Coefficient  TkCurrent + 0.07%/K
Temperature Coefficient  TkPower - 0.38%/K
IP Level  IP67
Module Warranty  5 Years
Power Warranty  10 years(≥85%)
Certification  CE,FCC,ROHS,REACH,IP67,WEEE
Master Carton Dimensions  116.5x114.4x5.5cm
Include  2*210W Flexible Solarpanel
Gross Weight  ≈13.6kg
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1. More flexible: The flexible solar module that can bend 213°perfectly adapts to the curvature of a ircular balcony.

2. 23% high solar energy conversion rate: It has the same solar energy conversion rate as traditional photovoltaic panels and a faster charging speed.

3. Waterproof level reaches IP67: Even in heavy rain, it is very suitable for capturing solar energy. Ultra light photovoltaic panels make daily cleaning effortless.

4. Lighter: With an ultra-light weight of 4.5 kg, which is 70% lighter than glass PV panels with the same performance, transportation and installation are very easy.

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Product Features

Kesha Flexible Solar Panels10

15 Year Guarantee

K2000 is a balcony energy storage system designed to achieve excellent performance and durability. Our advanced technology and high-quality materials ensure that you can trust KeSha in the coming years. With an additional 15 year warranty and professional customer support, you can rest assured that we are always at your service.

Easy Self Installation

K2000 can be easily self installed with just one plug, making it easy to deploy and move. The balcony power plant with storage function also supports up to 4 battery modules to meet your energy needs. Non professionals can install it, so there is no additional installation cost. All of these features enable fast, simple, and cost-effective installation, which is crucial for residential projects.

IP65 Waterproof Protection

As always, maintain protection. Safety has always been our top priority. The balcony energy storage system K2000 is equipped with a particularly sturdy metal surface and an IP65 waterproof rating, providing comprehensive dust and water protection. It can maintain the ideal living environment inside.

99% Compatibility

The balcony power station energy storage K2000 adopts a universal MC4 tube design, which is compatible with 99% of solar panels and micro inverters, including popular brands such as Hoymiles and DEYE. This seamless integration can save you time and money on circuit modifications, not only smoothly connecting to solar panels in all directions, but also suitable for micro inverters.

Capacity Detail Chart

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Q1: Can 210W Flexible Solar Module be switched on?
YEAH. Parallel connection of solar modules doubles the current and thus improves performance. The maximum number of 210W Flexible Solar Module connected in parallel depends on your micro inverter and energy storage, make sure your micro inverters support high input currents and use cables of the appropriate diameter for the output current to safely connect the modules in parallel.

Q2: What is the maximum bending angle at which a 210W Flexible Solar Module can work?
According to the test, the maximum bending angle of the flexible 210W Flexible Solar Module under operating conditions is 213°.

Q3: How many years is the warranty for solar modules?
The component warranty for solar modules is 5-year.

Q4: Can it be used with SolarFlow? How do I connect it to that?
Yes, you can connect two 210W Flexible Solar Modules in parallel to SolarFlow's MPPT per circuit.

Q5: What should I pay attention to when storing solar modules?
Solar panels must be stored at room temperature and humidity of no more than 60% .

Q6: Can I combine different types of solar modules?
We do not recommend mixing different solar modules. To get the most efficient solar panel system, we recommend using solar panels of the same brand and type.

Q7: Why the solar modules do not reach the rated power of 210 W?
There are a number of factors that solar panels do not reach their rated power, such as weather, light intensity, shadow cast, orientation of solar panels, ambient temperature, location, etc.

Q8: Are solar panels waterproof?
The flexible 210-W solar module is IP67 waterproof.

Q9: Do you have to clean it regularly?
Yes. After prolonged outdoor use, dust and foreign bodies may accumulate on the surface of the solar panel, partially blocking the light and reducing performance.
Regular cleaning helps to keep the surface of the solar module clean and free of dirt and achieve higher performance.

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