Kesha Has Developed a New Solar Energy Storage Product, Which Can Store Energy on Family Balconies

Have you ever imagined a scenario where a balcony or terrace can be instantly transformed into a home energy storage center through a balcony light storage system, maximizing green electricity consumption?

With continuous improvement in energy storage technology, Shenzhen Kesha New Energy has developed a new type of portable balcony light storage power supply.


Light storage system turns balconies into "energy centers"

The balcony light storage system is a mini energy storage system installed on balconies and terraces, consisting of solar photovoltaic panels, micro inverters, and intelligent lithium battery packs, aimed at meeting the growing green energy demand in modern life. Users can combine the portable balcony light storage power supply with solar photovoltaic panels and micro inverters to build a micro storage system in balconies, gardens, and houses, storing surplus energy from the solar photovoltaic system, Used during nighttime or peak electricity prices, it helps to balance electricity demand and reduce the burden of electricity bills. Through the combination of intelligent lithium battery packs and split type inverters, the balcony light storage portable power supply can also be used as a portable power source in daily life, providing stable power support during outdoor camping, light chasing photography, and self driving tourism.

Compared with traditional rooftop photovoltaic systems, the installation of balcony photovoltaic systems is more convenient and flexible, with plug and play capabilities.

"Users can install on their own without the guidance of professional installation engineers, without the need for drilling holes. Simply operate through a simple plug and unplug interface to complete the installation, making the combination of 'photovoltaic+energy storage' easier. The balcony light storage portable power supply is compatible with 99% of micro reverse systems on the market, matching without communication, and power can be precisely controlled.".

For ordinary households, safety is an important factor in considering the use of solar energy storage systems. It is reported that the new balcony light storage portable power supply uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, with a cycle time of over 6000 times and a service life of over 10 years. At the same time, the product adopts a fully enclosed aluminum alloy metal shell design, with an IP65 protection level, which can ensure safety.

The intelligent control system can provide 10 layers of safety protection, coupled with the configuration of two independent MPPTs (equivalent to the brain of photovoltaic modules), which improves the reliability and fault tolerance of the product. It not only ensures the safe operation of the equipment, but also eliminates the negative impact of obstacles (such as buildings, trees, etc.) on the efficiency of photovoltaic panel power generation. Users do not need to worry about factors such as building orientation, sunlight exposure, or available space, and solar energy resources can be fully utilized.

Post time: Mar-20-2024